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Company Profile

Builders Transportation Co., LLC

Builders Transportation Co., LLC is a family owned and operated motor carrier. Builders is a flatbed carrier that operates throughout the 48 contiguous states but primarily in the eastern two-thirds of the United States. The Phillips family has operated the business since Frank Phillips purchased the six truck operation in 1961. Builders currently operates over 400 trucks with Mr. Phillips as President with his three sons, Frank JR., John Paul and Gene as Vice Presidents. The family owned and operated company has grown at an impressive rate by providing outstanding service to producers and consumers of coil steel, wire products, structural and sheet steel, aluminum products, building materials, cast iron and steel pipe. Builders is a core carrier for customers like Alcoa, American Cast Iron Pipe, Thomas and Betts and US Steel.

The Phillip’s family has recognized the need to adapt to the many changes that have affected the trucking industry. Mr. Phillips has said “the things that have made Builders successful in the past will not make Builders successful in the future”. Our goal is to provide safe, outstanding service to our customers at the lowest possible cost.

Safety is our top priority. We are safe in every thing that we do. No one will ever ask you to do anything unsafe at Builders.

Outstanding service comes from great drivers. The Company has high expectations for our drivers and a great pay package. The average professional company driver at Builders makes $1000 a week while owner ops average $1.80 per mile to the truck.  Builders has a fully automated dispatch process including Qualcomm. Builders also has a very low driver to dispatcher ratio where every professional driver is a name and not a truck number. The customer service department stays a day or two ahead of drivers, many times planning drivers on loads before they unload to minimize down time.

Minimizing cost includes operating late model, fuel efficient equipment, safely. Over the road breakdowns are extremely expensive.Fleet Vehicle Builders maintains a late model fleet by trading road tractors every four years.

The Marketing Department’s strategy is to target large, financially secure shippers who have multiple locations. This strategy allows Builders to reload in the same place they unload!

"We have done our homework at Builders Transportation, and we look forward to many more years of stability and steady growth,” Phillips sums up, “We encourage drivers and owner operators who are in search of a strong, family-oriented carrier to give one of our recruiters a call.”

“If one of our company drivers or owner operators ever has a problem, he or she can talk directly with a Phillips. Our drivers are comfortable in knowing that we’ll be around for years to come, and that’s not something that every carrier can claim in today’s market,” he adds.

 Builders Transportation Company, LLC, PO Box 16369, 3710 Tulane Road, Memphis, TN 38116, Phone: (800) 238-6803 Fax: (800) 332-0928
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