Letter from Neil Ashcraft

We received a message today from Neil Ashcraft who has been a part of the BTC family for over 9 years. Neil requested we share his thoughts and we ask you keep him in your prayers.

On Monday April 11th, I start my fight with throat cancer and the challenge of getting back to Memphis and working for the company I love.

I wish to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers during this sudden and surprising news. But to me more importantly , I wish express my sincere gratitude to the Phillips family and the entire BTC organization for preparing me to overcome this challenge in my life ahead from helping me establish the desire, discipline, and financial stability for whatever lies ahead of me during these next 3 months.

I don’t wish to sound over dramatic. And all those who have gotten to know me over these many years, have seen the very best of me. I do for others because I wish to, never looking for anything in return. At 50 now , I’m grateful I found trucking and BTC especially and to all the drivers struggling, bouncing around from companies, or questioning is this for me; please trust me when I tell you that BTC can bring you better balance in your family life in your quality of life and financial stability. Learn to communicate better and take better responsibility in everything you do every day and I guarantee you’ll be successful. Ask questions and perform. I’ll miss so many of you for this period of time and will look forward to seeing you all when I return.

With kind and sincere regards,
Neil E. Ashcraft